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I'm Daniel Haerle, a visual communicator currently living and creating in Berlin. I grew up in multicultural surroundings, and from 2017 till 2019, I studied Media Design in Berlin. haev design is my baby and a catalogue of intense and passionate work.

My restless and curious mind is particularly drawn to projects in editorial design, logo design and posters. I love the hard work involved in strong corporate identities. I am also available for screen design.

Although my thoughts constantly wander around concepts, typography and colour pairings, I often also leave my desk for inspirations. Then you can find me at the stove cooking like a madman, in some forests roaming the back-country, or just on the sofa reading about architecture.

For anything from price requests to love letters :: you can contact me in English, French, Romanian or German.

I strongly believe that well-considered design improves our lives drastically.
Let’s get to work!

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CV available upon request.